Marketing Your Home

My vision is to sell your home, attract a large audience of buyers, and allow you, the seller to have options of qualified buyers.

How do we do this? It’s by marketing beyond the MLS.

1.In-house advertising

Rodeo Realty offers sellers prime ad locations in all print publications to assure reachign the highest quality demographic.
Services include:

Uploads to L.A. Times, The Acorn, MLS and Web sites Multiple pages per week in L.A. Times Westside Multiple pages per week in L.A. Times Valley
1 page per week in The Acorn
Color glossy ads in the MLS Guide

2. Custom websites and Social Media

Websites are another avenue of providing your listing a press release.
We want to create as much exposure as possible. The internet is the number marketing tool, and we have to exhaust all resources. I also like to create youtube videos as well to create more exposure.

3. Traditional approaches

I make it a point to door knock and send mailers reaching out to all of your neighbors.

As homeowners, we take pride in our community and sometimes want to be able to pick our neighbor. Prior to placing the home on the market, I like to plan for a neighbor’s only open house.